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Sacha's Shwung

Sacha van Ravenswade began his singing career in the shul (synagogue) of Amstelveen, where he sang along from an early age and took on the role of chazzan from the age of 15. His interest in classical music and opera music in particular also began to grow and by now opera and chazzanut (Jewish liturgical music) are the anchor points in his vocal studies and concert practice.  

Over the years, Sacha has developed into a lyric tenor with an easy height. During his concerts, he brings the repertoire to life glowingly and knows how to touch his audience with his interpretations.

Sacha is permanent cantor at the Jacob Obrecht Synagogue in Amsterdam and is also associated with synagogues in Amstelveen and Amsterdam. Sacha is coached by Marcel Reijans and Margreet Honig. He works regularly in the Netherlands with Jules van Hessen and gives concerts at home and abroad with his regular pianist Maarten Hillenius .

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